Chairman’s Message

It is a matter of great pride that our school is progressing day by day in the field of education and other activities as well. My view is that education is the source of morality and good culture. It should not be taken as a source of income. A nation is great not because a few people are great but because everyone in the nation is great.

Keeping this point in mind, I always try to provide quality education to our students who are mostly from surrounding villages. If our students of villages are not familiar with current development of the world. Our dream of becoming super power by 2020 as predicted by our former president Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam is not possible. My sole idea is to make village students a good citizen of our country. present time is the time of scientific advancement and information technology where computer and science subject are becoming indispensable. I always emphasize on appointing highly qualified and experienced teachers. I think that quality education through accelerated' curriculum and holistic approach should be imported to the students so that they realize their potential which would lead them to their over all growth. Some one has rightly said ,"You should not think, what nation is doing for you, but you should always think, what you are doing for the nation". So, to provide good citizens to the nation is indeed a true service to it. So dear parents, I assure you that our management and teachers will leave no stone upturned to make your wards sound in mind, body and soul. It is of course, called overall development of a child. Finally, I wish you all the best for the bright future of your wards.



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